What lie did your parents tell you thinking they were helping you?

What lie did your parents tell you thinking they were helping you?

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  1. It’s not so much a direct lie as one of omission, but my parents neglected to tell me that being bisexual was out of the ordinary or might not be acceptable in the time I was growing up.

    My parents knew I was bi since I was like. 5? and vehemently wanted to marry both Xena and/or Hercules, and then Mulan and/or Ping depending. They never made a big deal or even addressed that liking girls was out of the ordinary. They were being kind and accepting, but then lil kharmatika went into public school and the first time crushes were brought up, I gigglingly announced I “liked liked” Jenny.

    Not a great career move in suburban Oklahoma in the 90’s.

    Like. I’ll take my parents altruistic kindness and immediate acceptance over some other parents horrific bigoted reactions any day, but a heads up would have been great.

  2. My dad always said that if you work longer and harder than everyone else, your boss will notice and reward you. In my experience, your boss won’t notice and you’ll work nights and weekends for 6 months to cover some exec’s ass, and then he’ll lay everyone off anyway.

    My dad doesn’t even reward his own employees for working free overtime. He just complains and threatens when they don’t.

  3. “I can help you get a job”

    My mother reached out to the first employer I had after college. It made the first week of college very awkward.

    She did it again a few years ago to try to do management consulting work for my current employer, which was even more awkward. I’m 33. She also keeps trying to network for me to find me a new job. She means well, but it *only* does damage.

  4. Every time I told my mother what I wanted to be when I grew up, she made sure to shut down anything she deemed “not profitable” by responding “people who do that die of hunger”.

    I have always been more inclined toward the arts and academia btw. I know now she said it in passing but as a kid that really leaves a mark, I went on to do my first bachelors on some generic business bullshit I hated. It was not until the last year of college that I accepted my mother, as great as she might have been in every other aspect, didn’t know what the fuck she was talking about.

    I love her and I understand where she was coming from. But fuck, she might’ve given me a real head start if she would have been willing to put her preconceptions aside, something I will make sure to not repeat with my children.

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