What looks fun in movies but isn’t fun in real life?

What looks fun in movies but isn’t fun in real life?

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  1. Fighting.

    Movie heroes always take punches and are unscathed in the next scene. Except for minor bruising. IRL, they’d be incapacitated for a few days and maybe suffer a concussion

  2. sobering up

    In the movies he’s been drunk 24/7 for 3 weeks (3 months, 3 years). someone’s in trouble. he quits drinking, has a couple cups of coffee and is able to save the day in a few hours.

    withdrawal doesn’t work like that.

    5 years sober.

  3. Being relentlessly pursued by someone you keep telling you are not interested.

    It’s not romantic or comedic, it’s just a mixture of stalking and harassment if you keep showing up in their life and/or throwing romantic gestures their way.

    Maybe you can try again at a later date if you feel your initial approach or the timing might have been off. But really leave the other person alone until then. Truly alone – no following them in real life or on social media – even if they don’t find out (they will), you will inevitably let something slip when you do reconnect and that will be very bad.

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