What made you so happy today?

What made you so happy today?

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  1. Seeing people’s kindhearted nature in such a bleak and dark world. Just because 2020-2022 has been and is seeming to he pretty dark and dreary, somehow people still manage to be kind and do what they can. It’s very heartwarming.

  2. I was giving a zoom presentation with my 120pound dog in my lab. He let out the biggest fart of his life, got scared and ran away in the bedroom so when I started swearing it was him, I could not even show him.

  3. My cumguzzler. She is here to drink my seed, my liquid platinum, the juice for which my life is the sole purpose, the mayonnaise with which I have buttered the bread of natives of far flung countries, the skewer which sticks into and through the meat and emits the life-creating juice through the cervix.

  4. I deal with 2 kids all day and hubby took over and told me to go take a nap while the baby naps, felt awesome to have an extra 2 hours of sleep in me and definitely made me much happier. 😁

  5. Got the motorcycle in Breath of the wild. That shrine stumped me for a bit a couple of times, always a sense of satisfaction after doing a Zelda puzzle

  6. My boss told me today that I’m getting a 10% annual bonus in my next paycheck, so in addition to what I already get normally I’ll be getting an extra $4,000 or so (after taxes) in two weeks!

  7. I finished fixing all those templates for social media posts for my internship and then got to play a bunch of Animal Crossing. And my cats were there too.

  8. First time in a partial inpatient psych facility, someone gave me a bracelet and said I’ll get better and that they believe in me. I’m not cured but recovery seems more possible because I have hope for them and they have hope for me and I just realized that I’ve never felt that before, lol.

  9. Music, some dude PMd me some stuff and absolutely made my day, I was cracking up for like 15 mins. I found some fire AF memes. Had nice food, didn’t feel like garbage and very grateful my stomach problems didn’t show up today. Hot tub.

  10. After nearly 7 months MIA my zippered pouch containing all of my life’s important papers was located. Then I realized I left my cell phone in the shopping cart I used earlier and it was found and put away by an amazing employee! This happened today within a 1 hour period!!!

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