What major issues of today won’t be relevant in 100 years?

What major issues of today won’t be relevant in 100 years?

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  1. Global population aging looks like it is going to come to a real head 30-50 years from now. Should be more stable after that. 2050 is going to be complex demographic problem for most developed and middle income economies though. 2100 should look more normal far as we can tell.

  2. That people just let other people exist peacefully.

    Oh a student is studying in his dorm room in his free time. *Fuckin’ nerd.*

    Oh a person is doing maths/calculus or something that you don’t understant in a public place.*Terrorsist planning on killing me in code language.* Dude like nobody is soo dumb atleast ask once what they’re doing instead of screeching.

    Minding your own business has become a problem for many people now. I just hope it stops

  3. Hopefully LGBTQIA+ rights. I’d like to be able to pee in public without being bitched out by some fuckin bitch. If I wanted to prey on women I wouldn’t go through the difficulty of transitioning, and instead would just become a cop.

  4. I read all the way down to the bottom and can’t believe my answer isn’t already posted. If that’s because it hasn’t touched any of you, then I am so thankful. But this has touched me three times – cancer.

  5. Uhhh humanity, along with all the problems humans face, cause we’re running the Earth into the ground and are definitely gonna extinct ourselves way before 100 years from now, thus rendering all of the problems we humans face null & void?

  6. In 100 years the world will be afflicted with mass famine, resource wars, and a refugee crisis on a scale never seen before, all due to climate change. So none of today’s issues will be relevant.

  7. I’d say that one of the largest issues to have cultural impact in my experience has been kotaku in action. Video game journalism has been awaiting a drastic shift and things got so bad that it entered the general zeitgeist and bothered people even unfamiliar with the video game sphere. It’s time that we rise up as a society and finally say, no. We’re not going to take this. Sometimes I feel like the Joker, like the only one who sees through the worlds BS as everybody who isn’t persecuted by the system of egregious reporting and youtube call outs has the privilege to ignore it. But there’s more like me. And this is the most important movement of our generation. At least in the cultural sphere (not speaking for science or medicine but in the realm of culture and politics). I hope when this goes down in history books, we’re on the right side of history.

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