What makes people happy besides money?

What makes people happy besides money?

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  1. Is it possible to do anything at all without money?

    I’ve watched a lot of back to nature style shows, homesteading, solo survival, etc. and all of it takes money to start. From the clothes on your back to the food in your belly, you have it all because someone somewhere spent money.

  2. I’ve read once that happiness comes from being a part of a group that works together towards a common goal.

    Of course there were other factors mentioned like financial stability, your location, etc. but the group thing was given more weight than the other factors.

  3. They say that money doesn’t buy happiness, but they’ve done studies that only prove that partially true: money by itself does NOT buy happiness. However, it does buy experiences, which will make you happy.

  4. Love, pets, sunsets sunrises 🌅 Stars ⭐️, adrenaline! Faking a smile sometimes helps it gives you some dopamine yes dopamine makes you happy. So jumping up and down sometimes running anything that gets your heart rate up. Talking online. Hobbies but those cost money.

  5. wholesome moments with my younger brother, i see a lot of similarities between myself at that age and him and nothing makes me happier than making him happy and trying to stop him feeling any bad things i used to, i recently built him a pc for christmas and we’ve been playing together a lot when his friends aren’t being the nicest – small things like that thst really make me feel like i’m helping someone i care about not feel alone 😀

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