What makes people think that eradicating religion would lead to world peace?

What makes people think that eradicating religion would lead to world peace?

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  1. People fight over religion. So the logic is, if you take away religion, people will stop fighting. That logic is flawed, because people will always find something else to fight over.

  2. Many of the wars/atrocities that were committed under the guise of religion were really based on land, money, and resources. So if it’s not religion we’d make another excuse to ‘other’ each other to the same effect.

  3. Religious trauma is probably were it stems from but in reality eradicating religion isn’t going to lead to world peace but it’s going to force others to find “religion” in others things like money, politics, and hell even pop culture just because for some reason we humans have to worship something to keep ourselves going.

  4. That is a short sighted assumption, you’re right.

    When it comes to violence, religion and politics are identical – they’re just ways of convincing civilians that you’re doing the right thing. Getting rid of religion won’t get rid of how people are indoctrinated and sold a simple Us Versus Them dogma.

  5. Because its easier to blame all your problems on something you already hate/disdain then admit that not everyone has the capacity to be good. Sometimes people are just shitty and there is no rhyme or reason

  6. It wouldn’t, no such thing as world peace amongst any species.

    It would however lead to a more open minded, better educated society, a less divided society and a society that is more open to learning how the world really works. Instead of people being brainwashed from childhood, a mold that is very hard to break, even with the most sound logic.

    People are always going to kill each other, at least we can spare people being killed for someone’s belief.

  7. I dont think thats what people think. We just see all the shitty things done in the name of religion and think the world would be better without it, not that it will bring world peas.

  8. I definitely don’t believe it would end all wars, but it sure wouldn’t hurt. Most of the major conflicts today are based largely on religion, no?

    Of the 4 ongoing major wars in the world, at least 2 are partly motivated by religion (Yemen and Afghanistan).

    Don’t know too much about the Tigray War so I can’t comment on that one.

  9. I posit that very few wars and atrocities have actually occurred *because* of religion, but rather that evil people use religion as a mask to hide behind when they commit their atrocities or wars, frequently even hiding the true reason for their actions from themselves.

    If you eradicated religion, they’ll hide behind something else, like human rights, race conflict, patriotism, etc.

  10. I don’t think it would lead to world peace. But atleast they cannot use it as an excuse to start a war/fight over.

    But it won’t change anything imo, they will just use something else to hide the real reason for the war/fight…

    **Maybe** if it isnt a divine reason , the truth will come out albeit years later?

  11. Religion is just one of the ways that tribalism is expressed. It’s the worst one – nothing says “this is worth dying for” like religion – but it is by no means the only one. But the question is flawed – the act of trying to eradicate a religion causes a war. How is that going to lead to world peace?

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