What makes the Critical Race Theory taught in schools so critical among politicians these days?

What makes the Critical Race Theory taught in schools so critical among politicians these days?

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  1. It’s a phony crisis created by the Republicans to scare their base.

    Any halfway honest version of US history is going to show a lot of white people doing terrible things to Native Americans, African-Americans, Mexican-Americans, and Asian-Americans.

  2. 1. It’s not taught “in schools” it’s only taught in high level law classes.

    2. Literally one guy twisted “CRT” to mean whatever they wanted it to mean in order to appeal to the Republican base: Bigots.

    It’s like the word “woke”, it doesn’t mean what it used to. Now it’s just a code word for “Things I don’t like, like gays and brown people”

  3. It’s not taught in public schools. It never has been. It never will be. It’s only taught at the university level, typically in law school. It is a completely manufactured crisis by the party that thrives on manufactured crises.

  4. ‘Critical theory’ is one of the many theories of how racism works.

    I think It’s useful to distinguish here how ‘teaching’ works in physical sciences vs social sciences.

    In physical sciences, you get taught mostly facts that all scientists agree on.

    In social sciences, you get taught a wide variety of competing theories and are left to decide for yourself which ones to believe.

    If a school says it is teaching critical race theory, then it’s not going to be telling kids that the theory is a fact.

    It will just be telling them what the theory is, which academics believe in it, and then asking them to give their own opinions on it.

    Objection to the teaching of critical race theory is simple censorship. Not wanting your own views to be challenged.

  5. I’ve heard that it’s being taught to small kits by one side, and that it’s sometimes taught in academic by the other side, so it kinda sounds like just another buzzword used to gain attention and certain reactions.

  6. Ever notice that people are racially focused these days and use it as a shutdown tactic in arguments? Notice the number of people who think self-flogging actually helps anyone else?

    But no…tell children they’re either oppressed or oppressors even though they’re…well…children.

    People are supposed to just be people. The far left is actively pissing on MLK’s dream by promoting racial division. The only one on the left with the balls to point it out and stand up against it is Bill Maher.

  7. Its a hot topic that has no true value, so it’s easy to boast about doing something to stop it. Huckabee’s first action as governor, for example, was to ban teaching CRT in public schools. It isnt taught in any public schools in her state. So she literally accomplished nothing, but still looks good to her demographic.

  8. It’s not taught in any school below law school. Full stop.
    It’s not even taught in law school. Rather, It’s a way of characterizing the white dominated justice system with an eye to understanding how the institutional systems of justice in the US may have a thumb on the scale against people of color. Any child can validate that point of view if they were willing to stop and think about it.

    CRT is just a boogie man, just like “woke” or “trans book parties” or any number of things that the Republican Party invokes to reinforce the wild desperation of their acolytes.

  9. One video I watched on this topic said the problem isn’t with teaching it as a theory. It can be taught along with other theories.

    The problem they had with it was it was being pushed as the truth.

    I don’t really know much else about it myself, so don’t have much opinion one way or the other.

  10. I think the political theater of this has to do with school choice

    This issue along with a handful of others have vastly raised support for school choice and it has reached super majority levels of support within the United States not just amongst the general population but amongst Republicans independent and Democrats all have super majority support for it at this point

  11. It’s only taught in law schools. This is a graduate level curriculum that’s not taught to everyone but has been meaning changed to mean anything in lower levels that is critical of the white race and benefiting to minority races.

  12. CRT is literally just black history, which the white descendants of the confederates really don’t like because they never accepted they lost civil in their hearts and see it as a god given right for people to enslave other people.

    They say it’s not but when you peel back the layers of their bullcrap, listen to their actions over their words, and study their history, that’s what it boils down to.

  13. People feel like they are not racist, that no one has been racist sence the 60s, and that they should not have to feel like they got something for free that people of color did not get. Basically they are ass holes and wrong about pretty much everything.

  14. It’s not critical anymore. It has become a sound bite.

    I`m a gender affirming queer guy with mental health issues and even I call bullshit. Which is saying something.

    I do not need instruction on who to understand next. Please back all the fucking way off.

    Remember how Boys 2 Men was just ver at some point? That’s how I feel about last years hippies acting like they invented weird and pants having a conniption about the inhumanity du jour.

    I’m gonna be a no. I can truly not.

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