what makes you lose attraction suddenly for someone ?

what makes you lose attraction suddenly for someone ?

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  1. When they still ”look around” for options while in a relationship (behind the other person’s back) because, and I quote: ”I don’t know them enough to be exclusive.”

    immediate no.

  2. If they’re house or apartment is dirty. It doesn’t have to be spotless but if its clear that they don’t clean up after themselves and live in filth then I’m over it.

  3. The way they treat others/animals/the planet.

    If they shout at people for being an inconvenience when the person just made a mistake. If they treat animals as lesser beings, treat them like they don’t have feelings or kill insects just because they can. If they litter, waste resources and actively destroy nature.

    I would rather throw them off a cliff.

  4. Smoking cigs or cigars. Being aligned with the MAGA cult. Identifying as being religious. Fake boobs. Poor grasp of the English language (if they’re a native speaker of course). Entitlement.

    Ha…I guess I could have just said “being aligned with the MAGA cult”. The rest seems redundant, lol.

  5. When they wear clothes that makes a big show of their political opinions or personal identifiers, regardless of whether I agree with them or not.

  6. if i find out they like trump. I don’t usually let something like politics judge how i like someone, but if you can support a racist, perverted, liar and overall disgusting man then i don’t want you anymore. sorry not sorry. i don’t particularly like biden either though.

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