What makes you roll your eyes every time you hear it?

What makes you roll your eyes every time you hear it?

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  1. people who keep repeating the “echo chamber” phrase over and over again like trained parrots. the venn diagram of those kids and the ones who call other people “normies” and “npcs” is probably a fucking circle.

  2. Anything about the earth being flat

    I am not sure if people who believe flat earth are just stupid af or are just trolling everyone

  3. Staying Alive, Bee Gees.

    I’ve heard it enough for my lifetime. Great song. Not interested anymore.

    Even referring to it in Reddit made me roll my eyes. Telling myself to stop it. Now!

  4. When someone brings up anything political with the sole intention of antagonizing. Like they come off with this attitude of “come at me”.

    We can be just sitting playing a board game, and this one guy will just out of nowhere go “fuck Trudeau. Harper was the man. Anyone who likes Trudeau is a fucking dogshit person”. What do you even do to respond? You don’t even have to disagree, EVEN if you agreed it’s just like yikes dude… read the room, no one wants to hear your piece, we’re playing fucking Ticket to Ride.

  5. My radical political proposal that approximately 50% of the population moderately-to-strongly disagrees with is just CoMmOn SeNsE LeGiSlATiOn.

    I hear the phrase “common sense” far too often from both parties. If it was truly commonly accepted we wouldn’t be debating it.

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