What modern trend do you absolutely hate?

What modern trend do you absolutely hate?

What do you think?

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  1. Politics being someone’s entire identity. I’m plenty old enough to remember being good friends with people and having no idea how they felt about political issues or for whom they voted – it just never came up.

  2. Hating on the young for wanting wages that can pay for the bare necessities. You pulled the ladder up after you, why is it our fault we don’t want to work for you?

  3. Anything like tiktok trend really. There could be good ones that I don’t hear about. But I always hear about the really cringy, annoying, or outright stupid ones.

  4. What I’ve been told is the “fuck boi” haircut. Shaved on all sides but long on top and flopped to one side. Think douchey mohawk. It looks like they watched 4 episodes of Vikings, awesome show btw, and just decided that would look great for all occasions.

    If this is you, do you dude/dudette, but I still think it looks dumb.

  5. Social Media umbrella and what it’s doing to this and future generations.

    Just off the top of my head:

    * Ignorant echo chambers
    * The desperation of attention or clout
    * the views/follows/friends obsession
    * False information
    * trolling

    I’m sure there is more.

  6. Fake food videos where someone makes something ridiculous and eats it.

    Saw one last week of a dood making popcorn with jello powder and watermelon in a giant tin basin.

    Thing is you can tell when they make cuts and that its completely fake. So what the hell is the point? This? Me right here discussing it and propagating this inane trend?

    Its so mind numbing.

  7. The need for internet clout and cancel culture.

    Most of current cancel culture, I’m fairly sure, is just people trying to catch other people in “Gotchya!” moments so that they can get their tweet screenshotted and go viral. Then they can pretend to be some famous twitter person for a few weeks while they struggle to make rent.

  8. Everything on tiktok. People using the same few sounds to add to random videos that don’t even make sense together. Dumb TikTok trends. People lack originality these days.

  9. The notion that being offended equates to actual harm, and that if someone is offended by something, whatever or whoever it was that offended them has to be shut down or silenced, or punished, etc.

    Especially when whatever it was happened years or decades ago.

  10. Body shaming in brand new horrible ways. We’ve been body shaming fat people too long, let’s go after skinny people. Let’s go after average height dudes. Let’s make everybody feel shitty in unique ways.

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