What movie are you still hoping will be made?

What movie are you still hoping will be made?

What do you think?

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  1. There was a post somewhere about there being no movie about Robert Smalls. He was born a slave, stole Confederate ships, disguised himself as the captain to pass ships, escapes to freedom, worked as a military advisor for the Union till the end of the war, bought a house, ran for congress and won, and lived happily ever after. I want to see ships being stolen and just about the whole awesome story play out on the big screen.

  2. The other two movies from His Dark Materials, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass

    (Edit: I am very recently aware of the His Dark Materials series, I’ll have to check it out!)

  3. I was really into Warriors when I was younger and there were always movie rumors, but nothing ever happened. I would be really excited if it came out. Even though I don’t follow it anymore, I know they’re still making books. A TV series might actually suit it better.

  4. I’d love an adaptation of some of Asimov’s robot novels- namely the ones with Elijah Bailey and Daneel. I would want some tweaks though…Some of the female characters are…..awkward to witness. I only want these movies made if Jessie is less of a Hysterical Woman stereotype and Gladia is less rape-y. I would also love if they took the subtext between the leads a bit farther and explored the idea of Elijah being bisexual.

    That will never happen but I can dream

  5. Rendezvous with Rama – if unfamiliar it’s a book & subsequent series by Arthur C. Clarke. It has been talked about and planned for decades, but it never goes anywhere. Morgan Freeman was even among those interested.

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