What movie has the greatest fight scene?

What movie has the greatest fight scene?

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  1. Just depends on your preferences but The Protector and Ong Bak both have really good contenders. Tony Jaa is incredible. I also think Legend of Drunken Master is such a classic, excellent Jackie Chan movie and the final fight scene in that is really good (but Iā€™m biased because I love that movie as a whole).

  2. If you like The Raid and The Raid 2, check out *The Night Come for Us* on Netflix. Very thematically similar and the fight scenes are on par with The Raid movies with a lot of the same cast. The lady fight towards the end is insanely cool.

    The first real boxing match in Creed is very well done and cool.

    A lot of Scott Adkins work has amazing fight choreography. He often works with Jessie V Johnson, who makes direct to video action movies like The Dept Collectors and Accident Man and he can direct the hell out of a fight scene.

    London has Fallen has a badass one shot shootout that’s very well directed. The show Godless has an awesome 45 minute western gunfight where a bunch of women defend their town from a violent gang.

    I’m also partial to some good old fashion cgi fights. The forest fight in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (a terrible movie). The Jaegers vs the Kaiju in Pacific Rim when they defend Hong Kong. Godzilla Vs Kong in rounds 2 and 3 of their fight.

    Some movies have very tense scenes of effective violence, like Sicario, Blade Runner 2049, and Wind River.

    Lots of different things make fight scenes perfect for different reasons.

    That being said, the answer is still definitely Baseball bat man and Hammer girl vs Rama in the Raid 2.

  3. Classic black & white samurai film, Sanjuro.

    Two samurai face off against each other, staring each other out, unmoving, for seemingly an eternity.

    It’s probably one of the most minimalist fights you’ll ever see, yet it speaks to the skill of the warriors that the action, when it comes, is over so quickly.

  4. The border crossing in Sicario.

    Overall, it’s only a few seconds of action, but it’s the 15 minutes of time they spend building up the tension that makes it so good. The backstory is they are going across the border to Mexico to transfer a prisoner to the US.

    These two videos back to back give almost the whole scene:

    I do recommend the whole movie as well, but this is the best part.

  5. Are we talking 1-v-1 duels or grand-scale battles ?

    1 v 1 duel: The final battle between Neo and Smith (Matrix 3)
    Grand scale battle: The Siege of Helm’s Deep (LotR 2)

  6. Old Boy has an iconic fight scene where one guy takes on a hallway full of thugs with just a claw hammer and a head full of crazy. It’s shot in a single take from the side as he fights them all in a hallway, and they fight realistically, as in, all of them try to rush him at once and he swings wildly with the hammer to make space, taking out single oopponents he can get a hit on. It also ends realistically, where he backs off from the fight with a knife in his back and the group are hanging back from chasing because half of them have hammer marks somewhere on them.

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