What movie made you say “that was amazing, but I’m never watching it again” ?

What movie made you say “that was amazing, but I’m never watching it again” ?

What do you think?


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  1. Eraserhead. Watched it on a Sunday night, figuring it couldn’t be that bad if it was only 90 minutes long; I was wrong. By the 60 minute mark, I was just trying to survive the rest of the movie without having a heart attack. Easily one of the most intense and intriguing films I’ve ever seen.

  2. Annihilation. The visuals are absolutely mesmerizing – shimmery and fantastical – and the storyline as well as the analogies it draws are so interesting. But it is so heartbreaking and terrifying in such a weird way

    I still go back to watch the badass crocodile scene, though

  3. Shame. Brilliant acting, well-shot and it was refreshing to see an addiction not usually portrayed onscreen. But it was so emotionally draining.

    Edit: Actually pretty much every Steve McQueen-directed film.

  4. [Blindness](https://youtu.be/XvTvP55cxM0) – I really was engrossed with this film.

    It’s about a mysterious illness that causes nearly everyone to go blind. They become quarantined to reduce the spread while a cure is investigated. >!It has one of the most intensely upsetting rape scenes in it, and while I loathe gratuitous rape scenes, it suited the plot because shit like that really would go down if a group of quarantined people get abandoned by the military, form a hierarchy, and are forced to trade their possessions and eventually, their bodies in exchange for food rations.!<

  5. It’s Such a Beautiful Day

    It’s a masterpiece. It’s the best animated film I’ve ever seen. It’s nothing but stick figures and narration. It’s the most devastating piece of media I’ve come across and fucked me up for weeks.

    I will never, ever watch it again. I cannot even in good conscience recommend it to anyone not in a very solid emotional place.

  6. The Father. Anthony Hopkins is absolutely brilliant in that film, one of his best performances and well deserving of the Oscar he won. But as someone with a family history of dementia, it is a film that I won’t ever watch again. Too scary.

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