What movie scene is forever stuck in your head?

What movie scene is forever stuck in your head?

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  1. So many, movies are probably a big part of my life, I grown up with them and I love watching and talking about them, and I have quite a good memory in the subject of movies, so here are just some exemples of unforgettable scenes:

    – Maximus walking to the wheat fields of Elysium in Gladiator;

    – Alan Grant seeing a dinosaur for the first time in Jurassic Park;

    – Quint’s USS Indianapolis story in Jaws;

    – The Candy Land shoot out in Django;

    – That kid seeing dead people all the time in Sixth Sense;

    – The opening of Lion King;

    – The church fight in Kingsman;

    – Shrek saving Fionna from the Dragon and the castle.

  2. “I am Maximus Desiums Mardius commander of the legions of the north. Father to a murdered child. Husband to murdered wife… And I wil have my vengence in this life or the next”

  3. The log truck in Final Destination 2. I think this scene has transcended media and it one of the most influential pieces of film of all time. I’ve never met another person that doesn’t think of that scene when driving behind a semi hauling logs.

  4. Also the scene in V For Vendetta when she’s free and no longer afraid of anything and walks out onto the terrace in the rain with her arms outstretched.

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