What movie was actually better than the book?

What movie was actually better than the book?

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  1. The Godfather. The film cut out subplots from the book that wouldn’t have been out of place in a soap opera (or, in the case of the subplot about a certain character’s oversized vagina, a porno).

  2. Amazon’s The Boys. It isn’t a movie but a tv show but I still think it’s relevant to mention here. The original comic while it was okay it really didn’t have any charcter depth and the writing always felt pointlessly edgy to me.

  3. Blade Runner.


    DADOES seemed like a grab-bag of proto-cyberpunk which just didn’t feel cohesive. Blade Runner’s focus on Deckard’s case and its relationship to the human condition worked so much better.

  4. Red Dragon (the first book with Hannibal Lecter).

    Aside from the stellar cast (Anthony Hopkins, Edward Norton, Ralph Finnes), the pacing and visuals of the movie were fantastic. On top of that, seeing ‘The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun’ artwork and tattoo visually really cemented the film over book experience, from my perspective.

  5. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

    The book wasn’t bad… *until the ending*. ***Fuck*** that book.

    The movie is a pretty bog-standard Mindless Action Romp, but it’s *still better than the book*.

  6. I have two:

    The Shawshank Redemption: originally a novella, although excellent, and I’ve read it 20+ times, the film is better.

    Of Mice And Men; incredible work by Steinbeck, the film with Gary Sinese and John Malkovich is incomparable.

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