What movie were you most hyped for before its release?

What movie were you most hyped for before its release?

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  1. The Matrix: Reloaded. You gotta imagine, The Matrix hype was at an all time high, everyone had the scrolling, vertical, green text as their screensaver, and most people just got done watching both The Animatrix series and playing the (fun, but flawed) Matrix video game. Both of which provided insight into the universe with things that were canon.

    It’d be like if a new Harry Potter book was on its way, and we had all been pumped up by some short novels and a mini-series before hand.

  2. Either Infinity War or The Force Awakens

    Very standard answers. I still think that both are in the upper tier of MCU and Star Wars movies.

    Also Justice League

    The theatrical version was pretty disappointing but the Snyder Cut mostly redeemed it.

  3. Matrix 4. Matrix movies always have problems making money and getting good reviews (the 1st was just too good to follow imo), but with Lana and the main cast largely back I was really hopeful for something incredible. And it is a fun movie, but it doesn’t tickle my philosophical ballsack quite the right way.

  4. The Empire Strikes Back. I was 8 and a huge Star Wars nut. My parents actually took us all (me and my siblings) out of school to go see it. Plus in hindsight it was nice to not have the big twist spoiled for me like nearly anyone watching it today

  5. The last movie I was really hyped for was Fury. I think that is because I was a kid who was obsessed with history and my dad agreed he would take me. I didn’t really spend much time with my dad back then so I was really looking forward to just going to see that movie with him.

  6. Wonder Woman.

    My mum and I snuck off to the city to watch it (usually we watch superhero movies as a family but we couldn’t wait). I was so psyched after seeing her in BvS and the trailer was great and that theme music was *so dope*, the fact that she was a female superhero with her own movie and Chris Pine was in it was just icing on the cake.

    It was just kinda average though, which is disappointing.

  7. I was actually hyped for the conjuring. I ended up watching the movie two or three years later with my little sister who was 15 and me being 16. I remember sitting on the couch with her and I got bored about when in the beginning where the door made noises. I even laughed during some jump scares and got genuinely confused by what my sister was scared of while watching the movie. I gave her one of my stuffed animals to sleep with when it was time for bed so she wouldn’t have nightmares.

  8. The Dark Knight. I was excited to see it and it didn’t disappoint. Well, the ending I somewhat understand now. Heath Ledger (RIP) was really good as the Joker.

    I remember wanting to see the movie after watching Batman Begins. As for my opinion on Batman Begins, I thought it was good. Not perfect but good. One of my favorite lines was, “Swear to me!” That is epic!

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