What movies from the 90’s/00’s are hard to watch now due to cringy humor that is not PC today?

What movies from the 90’s/00’s are hard to watch now due to cringy humor that is not PC today?

What do you think?


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  1. 80’s movie, but “Revenge of the Nerds.” The “heroes” of the movie plant cameras in the girls’ house to watch them undressing and showering, they sell naked pictures of them, and the lead “hero” rapes a girl who, in return, falls in love with him because he’s good at sex. At least the token gay (who doubles as the token black) isn’t stereotyped… oh, wait.

    Let’s not forget that the “Omega Mu” sorority is full of the fat and ugly girls, but thankfully the nerdy guys get the hot girls in the end!

    What’s not to love about that?

  2. The White savior movies don’t work at all now (and arguably were problematic then). Dangerous Minds and Finding Forrester come to mind, but there were others.

    The Hollywood idea was that the correct way to show a film about Black empowerment was for the Black cast to be inspired by a (popular celebrity) White person. They apparently didn’t watch Stand and Deliver, where a group of predominantly Hispanic students are inspired by an Hispanic teacher.

  3. Mrs. Doubtfire.

    Holy fuck is that movie creepy. Robin Williams plays a deranged man who would rather lie to his wife and kids about being an 80 year old woman than take responsibility for his actions and change his behaviors to better himself to be with his kids.

    The humor of the movie is very “lol a man is wearing a dress”, which is just, imo, a really lame attempt at humor and fails to hit the funny bone for me every time.

  4. Old comedy movies are the best, not cringy or hard to watch at all. They went after everyone, no one was safe and everyone knew it was a joke not to be taken seriously. Movies nowadays are all trying to virtue signal in any way they can and it’s so out of place on purpose and most often doesn’t even align with what the movie is about. Can’t escape today’s “culture”, if you want to call it that, anywhere.

  5. I struggle with todays movies more as at least then they were up front about their intentions instead of this pandering i get in everything. When I watch a movie to relax that’s what I want to do. I’m a bisexual man. Every non straight character has to be framed as “look how hard they have it” “they just want to love” “life is so hard”. Just literally make a normal character who exists and isn’t straight. Stop trying to use my plight to sell shitty film (but not in china because where is the money then). You know the only one who gets it right? Bobs burgers lol they just make characters who aren’t traditional and never mention it.

    Also, why is there the assumption that the old movies I’m too insulted to laugh at? Am I not capable of laughing at jokes without looking at them through the lens of oppression? I still rewatch Eddie Murphy Raw at least once a year. Homophobic opening but the rest is super funny. Can I not enjoy things that aren’t like a HR department wrote them? I’m only 30 too so I’m not exactly old.

  6. Nothing cringey, tbh.

    I don’t subscribe to “PC” as it has devolved in recent years. I think people got wayyy too sensitive. And to be honest, most people AREN’T caring about this new 2022 PC-ness. It’s really just some idiots screaming on Twitter.

    People in real life can understand a joke is a joke. It’s meant for humor, not for hurting. So even if it’s not a “2022 PC joke”, who cares? Most 2022 PC items aren’t funny because they walk on eggshells and have to make the safest… lamest “joke” that really isn’t a joke.

    Comedy is supposed to push the envelope. To say things in jest that are funny BECAUSE they wouldn’t be right to say in polite company if it wasn’t comedy. Most of comedy is about subverting normal expectation. Set up and punchline, or expected story and then funny twist that surprises. That’s comedy.

    Anyone who wants to “cancel” old movies because they don’t like the humor… they are just idiots. Laugh or don’t laugh. That’s the only two options in comedy. If you take offense, that’s on you. You have to choose to be offended, by silly jokes.

  7. Movies back then where better it’s the new ones that are cringe. Pushing agendas in your like I’m a toddler, playing it safe, everything is a sequel or a remake, comedy is dead because they’re scared to offend.

  8. Some of these i always cringed at, so i dont know if they are cringey today. Some i enjoyed a lot when i was young.

    Ace ventura 1 & 2, theres something about mary, american pie, blank check, shes all that (i tried rewatching as an adult and just straight up turned it off), the 2nd and 3rd austin powers, loser, the new guy… i know theres lots of cringe out there.

  9. Well rephrase that question as “what hilarious movies from the 90’s/00’s could never be made today thanks to PC crybullies” and this would be a better question.

  10. Probably Old School (2003) for a lot of people.

    Probably The Hangover (2009) for many.

    Watch the first 6-7 season of Always Sunny.

    None of it bothers me b/c I’m old, but implied American culture has changed a lot in 10 years.

  11. Try watching “VEERANA” it’s Hindi movie , so if anyone else here who knows the language… Try it , there are minions of the bad guy , whose heads look like rock dildo😂😂😂 (it’s a horror movie and they are supposed to be scary)

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