What movies had the biggest gap in quality between the first and its sequel?

What movies had the biggest gap in quality between the first and its sequel?

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  1. In a good way: Terminator. The original was done for like $7 million. T2 was $100 million. Both are great movies, but you can tell how much more money is in T2.

  2. I hate low quality sequels!!! One that absolutely stuck out to me when I was little was Pocahontas 2. More recently The Croods… The second one had just as much quality, except for Grug and Ugga (the parents) looked awful.

  3. *Star Wars: A New Hope* and *The Empire Strikes Back*.

    Hear me out. The first movie is just a bit dated and boring. There’s only four major sets (desert, bar, Millenium Falcon, and Death Star). The action sequences are mostly talk with the actual action being over in seconds. The Death Star was just boring grey corridors. Mos Eisley is probably where 95% of the budget went with all the really weird looking aliens everywhere. Even the worldbuilding and story seems barely fleshed out. Lucas was clearly just throwing words and phrases into the script because it sounded cool with no attention paid to any sort of bigger picture (ironic that some of those throwaway lines became major aspects of the franchise “I fought with your father in the Clone Wars”).

    Just compare the one light saber duel in *Hope* with the ones in *Empire*. Obi and Vader just kind of flail around a bit with their sabers and then Obi just gives in so he can give the rest an opening to leave when Vader is distracted.

    Even the big trench sequence is mostly just close ups of heads talking with a few quick shots of the actual action. Compare that to the Battle for Hoth which had tons of wide angled shots of full on armies battling both in crowded indoor corridors and large open fields of snow.

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