What movies haven’t aged well?

What movies haven’t aged well?

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  1. The Rambo sequels. First Blood is still pretty good, but the rest were all propped up by Rambo doing stunts that were badass at the time and mild by today’s standards.

  2. There’s a movie on Netflix with Uma Thurman , Natalie Portman, and Matt Dillon that looks fun called Beautiful Girls. I got a third of the way through it before Matt Dillon’s character confesses his lustful feelings for the 12 yr old (Natalie Portman’s character) next door. Kicker: executive producer Harvey Weinstein.

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  3. *American Beauty* – watching Kevin Spacey lust after a teenager was pretty cringeworthy when it first came out 23 years ago, but it’s a whole other level of creep now.

  4. No movie has aged worse than The Birth of a Nation. It was, and still kind of is considered a cinematic masterpiece in terms of performances, action sequences and cinematography. But uh, the KKK are the good guys and it’s basically the most racist movie of all time.

  5. I love Heathers but quite a lot of the subject matter is pretty uncomfortable nowadays

    “Hahaha I grow up in a time when violence in inner city schools is a highly relevant problem! This movie presents a darkly comical inversion by depicting white wealthy suburban students violently murdering each other for media attention! Can you imagine that?”

  6. Anaconda.

    Man that CGI, and that wink scene. Thought it was the scariest shit as a kid, rewatched it a few days ago and was cringing my nuts off.

  7. Any science fiction film that includes CRTs.

    2010: The Year We Make Contact “upgraded” all the displays on Discovery from the flat-panel-ish displays of the original to CRTs, and now the sequel looks dated in a way that 2001 does not.

  8. Revenge of the Nerds.

    Even if you chalk up the spy cams to be “80s College Comedy Hi-jinx” the scene where Lewis has sex with Betty because she thinks he’s Stan definitely isn’t cool today.

  9. Breakfast at Tiffany’s, specifically Mickey Rooneys role as Mr. Yunioshi. Mickey could have ditched the Japanese bit and played an American and it wouldn’t have changed anything.

  10. We saw Holiday Inn on Prime and said “It’ll be a nice Bing Crosby movie with some Christmas songs,” turned it on, and suddenly the cast is there in black face singing some of the most racist shit I’ve ever heard.

  11. Lots and lots of Oscar Best Picture winners and nominees.

    I mean how often does anybody talk about An Unmarried Woman or The Greatest Show on Earth?

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