What mythological creature most likely exists?

What mythological creature most likely exists?

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  1. I enjoy the “dragons definitely existed” theory thats been posted over the years. Essentially, there’s evidence from all parts of the world from around the same time that mentions/references/depicts dragons in some way. The belief is that, similar to birds, the creatures had very hollow-esque bone structure which would erode with time instead of fossilize, thus not leaving behind any physical evidence.

  2. Probably something ocean-related. Given how little we know about the oceans and how unexplored they are, I genuinely would’ve be surprised if one day some submarine got absolutely annihilated by some Blue Whale sized sea serpent or squid

  3. Many have heard of the haggis, the majestic creature that inhabits the tops of Scotland’s highest mountains. The haggis has the unique feature of having its legs on one side noticeably shorter than the other, to facilitate circling around the mountain without falling down the steep slopes.

    Nobody believes this, of course. But I have eaten haggis, so I know it’s true.

  4. The Brownie.

    It is a fairy that does household chores like washing dishes, while you sleep, in exchange for a saucer of milk. When you wake up the saucer of milk will be empty, and the dishes will be clean.

    What kind of creature can get into most homes while you sleep, will lick food off plates and drink milk off saucers, leaving minimal evidence of their visit?

    A domestic cat.

    I am convinced the myth of the Brownie is the result of a tired European peasant from hundreds of years ago being puzzled by their mysteriously clean bowls one morning, and forgetting how cats cat.

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