What normal thing in your childhood did you later realise was extremely weird?

What normal thing in your childhood did you later realise was extremely weird?

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  1. Whenever I wouldn’t wanna get shots my mom would say “te lo van a poner en tu cosita si no lo dejas” which means “they’re gonna put the shot on yo dick if you don’t comply” and the doc who didn’t know Spanish was like “yeah en tu cosita”.

  2. It was my dad being grump and yelling at my mom all the time.… really it was them bickering constantly.

    Oh also pinching each other on the butt randomly

  3. All of my friends live within a 5 minute walk or each other, we all attended the same church congregation, school, and Boy Scout group. We were friends from elementary school and now into college.

    I was always shocked seeing people randomly change their friend group

  4. Had a boyfriend in kindergarten. We would practice for our future wedding from time to time. But neither of us had ever been at a wedding or really knew what weddings were like, so it boiled down to some tango-like dance because for some reason we thought that was what getting married was like.

  5. I’ve posted this before, but a stack of blank presigned checks we could use from about age 8 or so.

    No, we were NOT rich by any means, we were taught how to look at the checkbook balance and judge we can afford a pizza night this month vs. stick to basics like lunch money and field trip fees vs. minimal necessities.

  6. It’s a little thing, but it was very surprising to me – that it was my dad and not my mom who stayed home with me when I was sick.

    Also, my friends all had stories of their parents trying to get them to go to school even when they were sick. My parents never did that, and even let me stay home a few times even when they knew I was faking it.

    I know it’s hard for a lot of working parents to stay home with a sick kid, but all my friends at the time were pretty much from the same middle-class background as I was, and my father was a hospital physician and the head of his division at the hospital and also saw a lot of patients, so it was not easy for him to miss work. I guess he handled a lot of stuff by phone (this was before the internet).

    It’s a little thing, but it really made me feel so cared for and I still associate staying home sick with getting taken care of by my dad who had an excellent bedside manner.

  7. My family being so goddamn dysfunctional. Hoarding parents, autistic dad who tells us he’s ashamed of us and regrets having us because he doesn’t understand that we’re kids and he’s only saying it in anger. Csa. My mom getting cancer when I was in middle school and losing her job as well. Being the only openly gay atheist at the most cultishly conservative catholic school in the state. Getting bullied at school since I was a kid. In high school, it even came from the teachers, who would take off ridiculous amounts of points arbitrarily could because, you know, gotta make sure the kid knows he’s going to hell. Shocked me when I went to college and it turned out I was actually like, good at school

    I thought everyone just had struggles and I was being dramatic with all my mental health issues I rlly did 🙄

  8. Getting honked at, flipped off, and yelled at while driving. I just thought driving was this extremely aggressive and negative experience that made everyone angry.

    Turns out my dad was a serial tailgater who used to ride right up on people’s asses in front of us, regardless of the speed we were traveling. Highways, subdivisions, country roads, didn’t matter.

    It wasn’t until I began to learn to drive myself that it all made sense.

  9. For the US, that we had wine with dinner every night and that my parents were a bit peeved with me when I got later into high school and I didn’t want to have it with dinner anymore. They felt like they couldn’t enjoy it if I wasn’t joining them, but I had homework to do!

    Although, I ate over at other people’s houses all the time, someone how I didn’t grok to the fact that people in the US don’t have wine every night.

  10. Really weird punishments and how affectionate we were.

    Depending on what rule I broke changed my punishment. If my grades were low my mom would make me write out whatever grade it was thousand if times. Literally just the letter D.

    If I wet the bed (which was extremely common) my mom wouldn’t really be mad. But she would make me wear a diaper for the rest of the day. This continued well into my teenage years.

    I found out how odd it was when I was spending the weekend at my friends house. Had an accident. After getting cleaned up I went to her Mom and asked to be put in a diaper. She was mortified.

    The other thing was how physically affectionate we were. I still kiss my Mom on the lips whenever I see her. We regularly hold hands and cuddle. She’ll give me a pat on the butt if I did something she approved of. I’m in my 20s…

    Didn’t realize this till I said goodbye to a friend with a big kiss.

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