What older video game is still worth playing?

What older video game is still worth playing?

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  1. 1st of all,
    you know you’re old when the answers to this question have mostly been “recent” games and the game you’re thinking about is from the late 1980’s (Legend of Zelda)…

  2. Descent Freespace, both 1 and 2. Games from the late 90s, still look amazing. Since the Volition shut down, fans have taken the modding to the next level and make the game look amazing even today. Great storylines, great gameplay and a lot of fulfilling fun!

  3. Tony hawks downhill jam, the original Star Wars battlefront 2, and halo 3.

    Tony hawks downhill jam is a ps2/Wii era game. It’s downhill racing, but the magical part of it, is that all the races take at most 1/2 the time once you learn all the shortcuts and it becomes a very technical game of what is faster when you get good with a sibling/friend.

    The original Star Wars battle front two conquest mode is a great co-op and versus shooter with hero’s, classes, vehicles, and objective points for the original Xbox, but it can be played on Xbox 360 too.

    Halo 3 is the peak of couch VS halo, you set weapons to randomly put it on slayer, and kill your buddies.

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