What other names are there like Joe (Mama) and Ligma (Balls)?

What other names are there like Joe (Mama) and Ligma (Balls)?

What do you think?

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  1. Alec Yourtaint

    Stew Pendisdick

    Drew Peacock

    Emmanuelle Sleepwithtonight

    Willis Dickfit

    Ollie Cherpuss

    Phil Meupwithcream

    Milo Dinyourmouth

    Javier Nutsack

    Hans Job

  2. Most of the ones posted arnt the same type of joke you posted, like getting the person to say the first name and then you finish it. Instead they’re like what you’d put as a fake kahoot name or something.

    Anyway the only ones I could think of are

    Sugondez ( nuts)

    Candice ( dick fit in yo mouth)

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