What phrase are u sick of hearing ?

What phrase are u sick of hearing ?

What do you think?

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  1. when sports analysts on TV call someone a ‘gamer’

    what does that even mean?! “Look at this QB for Texas A&M 6,2 200lbs and the kid is an absolute gamer!” What?

    Its even worse around the time of the NFL draft.

  2. “Work hard play hard”

    Especially when the persons version of playing hard is getting drunk on wine coolers and cheap tequila at a timeshare in Cancun for 3 days after working 10 months straight.

  3. “Quiet quitting.”

    It’s literally just doing your job. There’s nothing rebellious or insubordinate about it, you’re just doing what you are paid to do and nothing more.

  4. “It is what it is”- Probably the most empty phrase in existence. I know there are things in life I have no control over, but saying it doesn’t help.

    “Hard work always pays off”- No it doesn’t. Smart work > Hard work in most cases. Effort != Effectiveness

    “The customer is always right”- If you’ve worked even a day in customer service, you would know this is bullshit.

    “If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you do it”- If you’re a parent who says this, you need to follow it up with a logical explanation as to why your child hanging out with friends is akin to jumping off a bridge.

    “Grades always come first in school”- I was quiet in school and over time, I had to learn the hard way that having friends as a kid is just as if not more important than keeping your grades up. A ‘C’ student with a lot of friends is likely going to be better off in life than an ‘A’ student with no friends.

  5. “Woke” Just because a show has black/trans/gay/women, etc in it does not mean the show is “woke”. We have had how many shows about a white dad that as the main character and as soon as other shows come out showing other lives of American culture, people lose their mind.

  6. “This is all we can do” seriously? 10 minutes of therapy when I am supposed to fit a one weeks with of fucking hell into and try and explain that I have active suicide plans? Yea sure.

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