what physical pain did you feel that made you want to die?

what physical pain did you feel that made you want to die?

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  1. A UTI that turned into a kidney infection. Felt like my insides were being sliced by sharp knives. I was all twisted in the hospital bed like I was in a horror movie.

  2. spinal headache after a spinal tap, you literally cant sit or stand up so not only did it last a week, but in that week i couldnt shower, could barely eat, and was super dehydrated because i could barely drink too. the spinal tap was worth it because it helped to rule out a serious medical issue, but still sucked ass.

  3. Few years ago I got infected by mosquitoes, Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya all 3 viruses at same time plus an awful infection, I remember I woke up in the middle of the nights with my body and brain burning due my body trying to fight the viruses and infection, all time I was delusional and having hallucinations with math and nuclear formulas while waking up all my body and particularly my head hurt like hell, my worst night I thought it will be better to die.

  4. TLDR: Endo cramps make you wish for death.
    I apologize for any errors, posting via mobile.

    Endometriosis cramps. The third to last time I had cramps, I was without pain meds, a heating pad, and anti-nausea meds.

    Why the anti nausea meds?

    The pain is so bad that’s it’s not uncommon for me to puke at least a couple times. The time in question, however, the cramps were worse. It was so bad that when I started puking, I couldn’t stop.

    I imagined that I just needed to suffer before I could cuddle with hubby seeing as I lacked things to sub in for a heating pad as well as the fact I was curled up on the floor crying; basically I couldn’t do much but walk a short distance or crawl.

    I was wrong. Something must’ve been irritated or pulled by me vomiting because the next I knew I was puking bile and couldn’t stop. Tried calling the head nurse at the hospital a town over for medical advice since I was lacking the tools to fix this new mess.

    One call later I’m in the shower for as long as the hot water would run until I could make it to the doctor’s office in my town. I had to walk though because there was no car; I made the walk. I managed to keep from puking for 15 minute intervals, so a ten minute walk in my condition was afforded.

    But when I was finally lead back and given privacy I grabbed the metal trash and started to wretch for few a minutes before puking up more bile. That time it made me hurt. I was groaning, curled on the floor, and trying to keep my face away from the trash can.

    My doctor came in, I explained in more detail about why I was seeing him on short notice. He gave me anti nausea and I was in my way. My thought was that as long as I could stop puking, I could force myself to sleep the pain away for a majority of the day.

    Oh how wrong I was again. The meds worked, for about half an hour to 45 minutes. The pain was too bad that it forced me to puke yet again. Sleep was not an option, and by this point I was crying loud enough for my neighbors to hear me.

    My husband tried to comfort and quiet me down because the last thing we needed was the police called over a medical emergency.

    I called work, keeping my phone on speaker and away from my face so my manager didn’t go deaf from my wailing. When that was done I immediately called the doctor again and demanded pain medication that was strong enough to end the suffering. Lucky me, my doctor was around because I had called just before they closed up.

    More walking ensued. I got the pain meds in the form of a shot and one of the nurses was kind enough to offer me a ride home since it was on her way.

    However, the story doesn’t end here. That pain medication was only really enough to stop my cramps. I was still puking and unable to use my new nausea medication because I would puke it up again. The pain from puking didn’t stop, so I had to call my mom to take me to the emergency room.

    I had to suffer for about an hour waiting for her to come pick me up, then an additional 20 or so minutes in the car. My poor husband was terrified during all this. Helping me, but terrified.

    I wanted to die. I tried begging my husband to put me in sleeper hold because anything was better than crying loudly and puking so often. He refused for my safety and I was nearly ready to find something to hit myself over the head with to make it stop. I was fully prepared to accept brain damage as a consequence of ending my painful misery.

    Things only truly stopped when I was finally seen by a doctor in the emergency room.

    And that’s my story.

    Edit: Fixing grammar and words.

  5. A migraine. I literally have never felt any worse pain than this one specific migraine.

    I remember buckling my knee during weightlifting and that hurt like a son of a bitch.

    Not even close to what happened here.

    This migraine absolutely fucked me up. I was over stimulated by the lights in the living room and the sound of the tv. Once I got an auditory break I started calming down a bit, but once one of my family members turned the tv back on I almost cried. The pain was so unbearable I didn’t know what to do. I threw the blanket over my face which made it extremely hard to breathe but if I took it off id be subject to utter torture.

    I then took some medicine and tried to fall asleep. It took awhile but I eventually passed out. I woke up and my head was sore as fuck.

    So, the theme is kids, don’t spend your entire day on your phone with the brightness at 100%. I learnt it the hard way.

  6. Don’t think I wanted to die from any of them, but was less than impressed by them in order of most painful:

    1 tie for internal bleeding(torn spleen) and labour pains

    2 Torn ACL/meniscus and following replacement

    3 dry socket and nerve pain when the nerves in my jaw were cut during a botched wisdom tooth removal

  7. Broken leg no doubt about it. The second I broke it I let out one of the loudest yelps I’ve ever done. I think I was also bleeding in my mouth too because I was biting into my tongue to prevent myself from screaming in front of my friends and a group of girls.

    That fall/winter/spring sucked ass

  8. I had a c diff infection once. I remember laying in bed for a week before going to the hospital, in so much pain I just wanted to die. I’d go to the bathroom, sit there for two hours, come back to bed and two minutes later be in so much pain I had to go back.

  9. Sulfite allergy attack

    Feels like a full body migraine mixed with extreme muscle cramps mixed with 12 hours of vomiting mixed with the worst fucking pain ever.

    Nothing would ever get me to stop eating bacon. Except for that, that got me to stop.

  10. Migraine. I have them chronically, but most of the time they’re not worse than a normal headache. But when they’re bad, they’re bad.

    You’re just in bed, music hurts, light hurts, if you sit up the pain surges so bad you throw up… 0/10 recommend

  11. Tooth abscess. Hospitals here do *not* want to give out pain medication, so you’re kind of just stuck with it until you can get a dentist to prescribe antibiotics or treat you. I had a dentist appointment to get it sorted but that was a few days out and the pain got so bad I just couldn’t take it anymore, so at 2am on a weekend I walked into an empty hospital, face swollen, experiencing a 10, obviously not faking or trying to score drugs, Got $.40 worth of marcaine pumped into my gums and sent home with one tylenol pill after 15 minutes, and these shitbirds charged me $650 for it.

    At least the marcaine lasted a good 5 hours, so I was able to get some sleep. The next 2 days were still hell on earth. like a firey hot nail being hammered into your upper jaw and through your sinuses

  12. I’m not sure it counts, but it’s definitely the most anguish I’ve ever felt, physically.

    Well, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

    I don’t really know how to explain it either. I was watching my sister’s dogs one night and was laying in her bed with them, when I just went numb. Like I could move my body and breathe, but it was like I was completely mentally and emotionally numb and I didn’t feel like I was in my own body, like I just ended up in someone else’s. It was like I wanted out. I pulled my hair, rocked back and forth, got on my knees and panted/tried to cry. I don’t know what the fuck it was.

    All I can think is that I was having some sort of breakdown. I had moved home after living on my own in a different state. I was just sort of lost I guess.

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