What pisses you off the most in today’s world?

What pisses you off the most in today’s world?

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  1. The US-style litigation culture that’s swept across the UK (and elswhere) over the last bunch of years. The slightest incident these days leads to cries of “I’ll sue you.” And don’t get me started on these ambulance-chasing personal injury lawyer cunts, encouraging 2mph crash ‘victims’ to claim for whiplash and other non-existent injuries.

    Source: Me. A couple of months ago my car was bumped at work. The very next day, after I submitted an insurance claim, I was contacted by one of these scumbag lawyers. I’d never made an insurance claim before then, so when they rung me with all my details and the other party’s details, I thought it was something from my insurance company. I was told if I just said the words “neck, shoulder and wrist ongoing” down the phone, I would receive £3000. They then sent me a link to click on and then click the OK at the bottom of the page.

    A week or so later, they contacted me again to go for a medical. By this time though, it had dawned on me these guys were just chancers, so I declined, saying my ‘injuries’ only lasted a couple of days and I was no longer interested in pursuing any claim.

    But oh no. Since I ‘signed’ a contract, if I’m not going to see it through, they’re going to sue me. Fucking scum, the lot of them.

    If any No Win, No Fee injury lawyers are reading this, fuck you.

  2. I hate news outlets using rage clicks and, more recently, doom-baiting for the sake of getting clicks. Every article is phrased in the most “doomsday” way possible just to take advantage of the actual, justified fears people have nowadays.

    Great example would be that ANY new virus thats discovered somewhere (but especially China) is reported on as if its the next Covid-19, even if its absolutely nothing.

    The Chinese could have had a boat in the same body of water for 70 years, and these outlets will report on it as if its brand new information and another war is about to breakout, cus the people have been rattled by the shit in Ukraine.

    There could be a lake the size of a small country, that has a swimming pool-sized corner of it going through its usual dry cycle (or whatever), and the news will report that this GIANT LAKE has been COMPLETELY DRIED UP. Climate change is definitely happening, and people are aware of it and concerned, so yeah lets just make 100 articles about minor, inconsequential stuff like that to further provoke their fears.

    Its fucking exhausting. The real news is distressing enough without a thousand outlets sensationalising every minor thing to capatalise on our legitimate fears.

  3. People automatically prejudge someone based on political preferences. There is so much time being wasted on hating someone else because they might no see eye to eye with you on certain issues.

    The divide that only benefits the media and politicians is ruining society and people’s lives.

  4. Complete and utter lack of justice.

    Financial criminal fucks up thousands off lives? The fines are insignificant to him and if he gets jail time, he spends a few weeks in a barely-fenced-in country club. Then he finds a new grift and people love it.

    Drug dealer shoots up a car and gets the attention of police. He ends up with an ankle monitor and charges that amount to house arrest. He gets the monitor removed by telling his parole officer it’s irritating his skin. He is still dealing two years later

  5. The fact that people like violent white supremacists still exist. People like them and the people they generally affiliate with (like Christian extremists) are the reason for a lot of the other problems that piss me off. As an example, the fact that cops are using things that aren’t allowed in any warzone in the world on civilians. If people like that were finally gone, there’d be no protesting civilians to do that to. The fact that I am having to fight to do something to be at least a little bit comfortable in my own body, that effects me and me alone, is something that stems from those people. My friends are terrified to leave their houses because we can’t get out of the racist deep south, since money is so hard in the area to sustainably earn for going and living anywhere else.

  6. Parents who can have kids and go on living life as if nothing happened. It’s okay to place children up for adoption, I understand that. But parents who can have kids and still have legal rights, but just refuse to see their kids because it’s not what they want to do. But they pull the whole “Oh it’s my kid.” Card when the other parent suggest giving up their rights. What’s wrong with you? 🙄

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