What pisses you off?

What pisses you off?

What do you think?

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  1. People. I know it seems anti-socail but think about this.

    -(Example 1)I have a sibling and they don’t listen to me. They get introuble for things I tell them not to do. That sibling ruins everyone’s mood one they are introuble. They wake me up for stupid things, and knows the ways to push my buttons. I am usually a very calm and collected person, I hate getting mad at people.

    -(Example 2) I had a friend, a very close one to be clear, and yes she had a busy schedule. But she would tell me what days she was free. After a while, I got busy, but I still made sure I’d try to call and make sure she’s okay. I didn’t have many friends back then, so I was holding on to her with all of my might. At one point, she just ghosted me. I still have her contact but we probably haven’t talked for about a year or two.

  2. Being diagnosed at 31 with ADHD, and that was basically the problem the entire time.

    Shit friends that I put up with because of ADHD and loyalty, who actually were super bad for me, treated me like shit, and held me back in life while also destroying a lot of the self confidence I built up in my early to mid 20s.

    I’m feeling much better these days.

  3. People who drive giant lifted pickup trucks. Don’t get me wrong, trucks are useful if you need to haul stuff, but 90% of truck owners have never had anything more than their wife’s latest Home Goods furniture purchase in the back of it. Not only is it a rolling shrine to your fragile masculinity, it puts everyone else around you in danger. Every day, we all make the stupid decision to strap ourselves into metal boxes and zoom around, mere feet from high speed collision. Engineers have spent so many hours designing modern cars to be safer during an accident, and you spit in their faces when you prop your fucking $60k douche carriage up on ugly, loud, shitty wheels.

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