What plot devices, techniques, etc. are you tired of seeing in movies?

What plot devices, techniques, etc. are you tired of seeing in movies?

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  1. The male hero **must** be focused on a relationship (**almost** all of the time)

    Sequels with a love interest created at the end of the last movie loses their relationship before the end of act 1 (**almost** all of the time)

  2. That people shake off injuries that would incapacitate someone in real life. “Whoops I just lost my arm, I’ll just wrap a bandage around it and I’ll be fine”

  3. Hackers. Individual hackers can easily hack into national security with a bunch of codes and “You’re in”. They can get anything they want access to. Even download additional RAM or heck one of these days a hacker might even download a Volkswagen.

  4. Introducing the villain in the first ten minutes, in the guise of an ally or good guy/girl.

    It was just a dream. Or was it.

    A big bad villain that has been built up for the entire movie, who is defeated in two minutes due to a seemingly impossible scenario unfolding in favour of the protagonist.

    Any sort of ridiculous deus ex machina.

    And my favourite… any sort of random macguffin… sith blade anyone?

  5. The good guy always fighting for things that corporate America wants, and the bad guys always saying the system is broken.

    Good guy: “we just need our freedom and safety back. America needs to get back to normal.”

    Bad guy: “But hear me out. What if the system is broken, we’re headed towards ecological collapse at the hands of the corporate elite and there’s a really easy solution. Get politically involved because only around 50% of Americans vote? No! Murder! Everyone! With a nuclear bio weapon that melts flesh with enormous pain!”

    Good guy: “Blasphemy!”

    People watching movie: “Those anti-fa just want socialism to ruin this country. Why can’t things just be normal? I love Captain America movies. :)”

  6. Partner/love interest walks in on out of context situation.

    “Honey it’s not what it looks like!”
    “It’s over! I knew I shouldn’t trust you!”
    “No wait!”

    Cue big dramatic sad music as they break up, only to reconcile a half hour later.

    “So you wasn’t doing that horrible thing?!”
    “No that’s what I tried to tell you” (but only once and of course you didn’t believe me until it was convenient.

  7. Romantic mix-up with someone thinking that someone else is talking about their partner cheating, etc. But really it’s a completely different person and there’s nothing to worry about. Been a plot device since at least Shakespeare’s time.

  8. jump scare

    They are not scary if you can see it coming.

    The only time I’ve seen it done right was in Jaws and it took almost an entire movie’s worth of build-up to work. The movie teaches you, music equals shark, no music equals no shark. When we get our first clear shot of the shark, no music is playing.

  9. Willpower only (except in Green Lantern) and talking-no-jutsu like in Naruto.
    Also spy-ish movies where the spies just wear special looking battle clothes in broad daylight with no one bothered by it.

  10. I hate the whole “this person you expect to be straight-laced isn’t” gimmick. The usually use old white people. Something happens, the square person curses, and thats the punchline.

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