What podcast(s) do you listen to?

What podcast(s) do you listen to?

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  1. Kirk Hamilton’s “Strong Songs”. The way he breaks down a song to discover what makes it work is so fascinating to me as a music lover. I just listened to his episode discussing Kate Bush’s “Wuthering Heights”. Talk about a driveway moment!

  2. Oh No! Ross and Carrie. Really bingeable podcast about two friends that go to UFO-Conventions, join Scientology, take psychodelic drugs and more. Really interesting and entertaining!

  3. “Maintenance phase” – lovely complimentary material for anyone trying to work on total love and compassion for yourself and others. Also some really interesting thoughts about how diet culture is just super f***ed up.

  4. Lots of them but mainly everything on Your Moms House network. Honeydew with Ryan sickler was on the network and moved but still awesome. The Tim Dillon Show. Doug Stanhope Podcast. Nateland. Fitzdog Radio. The Boogie Monster.

  5. Matt Walsh and Ben Shapiro. I really don’t agree with everything they say, I’m more of a leftist. But I think it’s so important to listen to both sides. I try to educate myself when I can

  6. Spittin Chiclets. It’s a funny hockey podcast, but it’s Barstool which is the only thing I don’t like about it. I’m a big hockey fan and former player, so it’s fun to listen to former NHL players talk hockey.

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