what product under $5000 do you want?

what product under $5000 do you want?

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  1. a beater car.

    I’m a community health nurse and my car kicked the bucket. I’m now having to try to find reliable transportation so I can continue my job but the market for used vehicles (and gas) is insane. I don’t make enough to buy a new vehicle or lease, and every winter beater has had the price jacked up due to supply issues.

    rock and a hard place.

  2. A concept 2 rower. Because when I sit on the couch eating chicken wings I want to feel good in the knowledge that I have one to work off all this belly fat I inflicted on myself.

  3. Laser eye surgery. But knowing my luck with medical problems I’m sure I’d be one of the outliers that has their eyeballs fried off or something.

    In terms of fun stuff, though? I’d like a manmade pond in my back yard. I’d love to be able to keep fancy goldfish and I already enjoy bird/nature watching during the day (keeps my stress levels down since I WFH.) so it would add even more to that.

  4. A kayak and camping set up. I am starting the initial stages of planning a 130+ mile trip down the Cape Fear River to the Atlantic Ocean.

    I could really use some recommendations about what type of Kayak and gear to get in order to make that happen.

  5. An automated electric mower for my dad. My father has long haul covid and can’t walk 30 feet without gasping for air. I’m not close enough to be able to mow their lawn for them on a regular basis and he such a stubborn, old schooler that he would never let another person mow his lawn while he sat there. A robot however, that he would finally sit down for.

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