What product were you tricked or mislead into buying?

What product were you tricked or mislead into buying?

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  1. When I was first dating my girlfriend I was agreeable to everything and wanted to share all of her interests so I ended up spending a good chunk of change on astrology stones and crystals.

    I don’t have anything against astrology really I’m truly indifferent about it, I just wish I was wiser at the time.

  2. In 8th grade we had a trip to Washington DC you could sign up for along with a parent. My dad and I went there and it was pretty neat so far, then we went to the museums. While walking from one to another, this lady with a bunch of bracelets (who either just had trouble speaking english or was purposefully making grammatical errors to confuse us) asked us if we wanted some bracelets. We answered no thank you several times, but she ignored it all and said they give you good luck. Neither of us believed that, but we just wanted to move on already so we finally accepted and then she said we needed to pay (I think $20? I don’t remember exactly) and we once again said we didn’t want them, but she didn’t even acknowledge us saying no. So we got scammed.

    In hindsight, we should’ve just ran once we realised she wouldn’t accept no, but we were both too polite and too confused to think about that.

  3. Method cleaning products. I saw commercials and mommy vloggers on YouTube shilling their products saying you don’t need a mask to use them because the scent was not overpowering. I unfortunately bought into the hype. Not only was the scent still strong. They sucked at cleaning. Especially the glass cleaner. I have never seen my mirrors so streaky.

  4. Expensive skincare that my DERMATOLOGIST told me to get. Spent hundreds of dollars because I was desperately trying to treat my acne (ended up doing Accutane a year later, should’ve done it 4 years earlier). Now that it’s in the past I should’ve seen it as a red flag that these products were displayed in every room at the practice. When I asked my derm if one cream in particular worked her cavalier response was, “I use it”. Just because they’re a doctor, doesn’t mean they don’t have personal incentives.

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