What random thing gives you anxiety?

What random thing gives you anxiety?

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  1. Checking out at the grocery store self-checkout and having alcohol.

    I haven’t been under 21 for a long ass time, but it still gives me the willies.

  2. Other people’s anxiety. Also I don’t like when people trying to train other people for a job aren’t patient and understanding. A lack of compassion and empathy also

  3. When people stop and start talking in the middle of an entrance or doorway. Like for example at the top of an escalator or entrance to a place and people stop to discuss which way they are going. Please just move out of the way and have your discussion.

  4. This is a REALLY weird one.

    I’m a extrovert, I don’t consider myself to have anxiety but its the only explanation.

    If I’m expecting a call at a certain time or if I need to go to a booked appointment or take a taxi or basically ANYTHING thats not with friends/family/alone that has a set time or someone waiting for me, just before I leave my house or just before my phone rings, I’ll feel phlem in my throat, which makes me cough, but then I end up coughing so much that I almost puke… it goes on for 10-1 mins or so…


    its weird af

  5. Giving tips because I suck at math at random times. “Oh crap. What’s 20% of 18? No! I should know this it’s too easy. Come on man. Now she’s looking at you with suspicion. She knows. Smile and scribble- WAIT ITS 3.6! Glorious 3.6. Just write it and no one will know you’ve got a potato for a brain.”

  6. Finding parking, going somewhere I’ve never been before, making phone calls (like for appointments or home maintenance)…. pretty much everything, honestly.

  7. I have the helmet and shoes of my brother in law in my room for a few days, since my girlfriend is moving and don’t want her mother to see them. My brother in law died in a car crash 2 years ago.
    I know, I know, I’m a grown up man, and don’t believe that if the ghost exist would cause me any harm, because I’m a good guy with his family, but I can’t avoid feeling uneasy when I think at night that possibly that things may carry his spirit.

  8. Fast food drive-thru transactions…

    Here’s your drink
    Here’s your straw
    Your total is $7.49
    Here’s your change
    Here’s your receipt
    Here’s your bag of food
    Check bag of food for accuracy
    More napkins please?
    Here’s more napkins
    They forgot our dipping sauce
    Here’s your dipping sauce

  9. Hard floors, my mum watched Eastenders a lot when I was a kid and every 3rd episode someone died after falling down the stairs and hitting their head. Okay that’s probably not the reason but still if I’m walking on stone or on a slippery floor I’ll get anxiety

  10. When hanging out with a group of friends, and one friend is way too antsy and keeps asking ‘what are we doing’, ‘where we going’, ‘what’s up what’s the plan’. Like holy shit chill out let the organic chemistry of our group friendship take us where it takes us. Stop making everything so black and white.

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