What screams “I’m privileged”?

What screams “I’m privileged”?

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  1. Comparing the human rights record of a country like the United States, Canada, or England to those of non-democracies like Russia, China, or Cuba. You’re just trying to be an edgy leftist and have NO IDEA what its like to live in those countries. Not to say that democratic countries don’t have their problems and shouldn’t be criticized but please get a sense of perspective. Your radical posturing comes off as first world privilege.

  2. High school teen that worked at a bakery gig i had in college.

    “Fucking parents. Its bullshit! They arent going to pay to let me go to Jamaica for the summer with my friends. Just because i got another MIP. Its not like they have never done shit before!”

    Teen girl

    “Mom, dad, here is a list of acceptable cars that you can buy for me.”

  3. “Money can’t but happiness” or saying anything similar. My favorite is a conversation I had with someone on here where she said her father died of a heart attack due to the stress of maintaining his lavish lifestyle. Someone replied that their own dad died of a preventable illness because of no healthcare. Guess which person I have more empathy for?

  4. Having a sign in your yard that says “In this house we believe *insert trite political slogan.*” Wealthy suburbs are full of these types of signs.

  5. Being a woman

    They get cheaper insurance, less prison time for the same crimes, higher chance of getting accepted into university, courts have a bias towards women where they are awarded custody the vast majority of the time, they get way more charity, have their own social wedge issues take priority in politics, and overall they are treated a lot better by society. They are a privileged class.

  6. Thinking you know and understand shit better than than you do. In most of the world, they WILL straight up kill you for dissidence of thought. Here in the US, people just want to kill you, but the news calls them bad when they do it, not heroes.

  7. I knew a guy in high school who didn’t put any effort into school and would often brag that he didn’t need school because he would be working at his dads successful business

  8. “If you don’t like your job or if you don’t like the working conditions why don’t you just quit?”

    I am sure all those amazon warehouse employees are just faking and love having to pee in bottles to be able to make quotas.

  9. You don’t have to think about what you’re picking at the supermarket, the grocery store, or whatever, you just throw the munchies and then a quick card swipe

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