What separates the top 1% from the rest?

What separates the top 1% from the rest?

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  1. I know many rich people through my work. Think people that earn 500,000k-1M a year. Here is what I can tell you for almost all of them.

    **Work hard**. I know this goes against the hive mind but the vast majority of the wealthy people I know do in fact work very hard. I know I know, these people do not work physically hard but they never stop. 5am wanna do some business? Ok. 11pm wanna do some business? ok. On vacation wanna do some business? Ok

    **Quality of work.** Very few rich people suck at what they do.

    **Luck.** At some time in all of these people’s lives they had a chance. At that moment in their life they had “good work ethic / Good at their job / givin a chance / took the chance”

    **Connections.** Surround yourself with people that can benefit you and raise you up.

    Look at musicians. There at tons and tons of very good musicians but you have to get infront of the right people for any of your skills to matter. You think Eminem would be who he is now is Dre didnt give him a chance? Pretty sure there is a song about this 🙂

    Edit : I can with 1000% confidence tell you that money does not buy happiness. Ive known 2 extremely well off people that have killed themselves due to depression. There is a huge difference between being poor and not having to worry about bills. 90% of the population would be just fine not being rich but just living a comfortable happy life.

  2. The unpopular truth is that it’s talent. It’s unpopular because it’s inherently unfair. At best, it is derisively and reductively dismissed as “luck.”

  3. of the world There is no definitive answer to this question, but some possible explanations include a combination of natural talent, hard work, and luck.

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