What sexual experience isn’t as good as people think?

What sexual experience isn’t as good as people think?

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  1. From when I was a teen until I was was in my 30s I could, well, um, let’s just say I was very flexible! It was fun but always a bit like tickling yourself. Not as fun as someone else doing it.

  2. Shower sex! Some natural lubrication ends up getting washed away, so it gets a lot less slippery. There’s also a risk of falling, and it’s often too cramped to get into a good position; especially if it’s a bathtub/shower.

  3. Most positions, most places haha. I understand necessity when you’re young and don’t have your own place. But as an adult, the bed is the best, and we’re looking at maybe 3-5 possible different positions that get the job done right.

    I’m also not super freaky though, obviously, very possible I’m missing something or just don’t get the same thrill others do. P in V is enough of a thrill on it’s own.

  4. MFF with two heterosexual women, I know you’re horny and can handle it but trust me it’s nonstop. Plus you have to make sure you are being equitable with your attention. Additionally you feel pressure not to cum too fast as once you cum the evening is over for everyone. All of that whilst trying to enjoy yourself. It’s better left to the imagination

  5. Going down on a girl.

    Always thought I’d like it. No. Not unless she’s perfectly shaven and clean. Or unless you like the sickly sweet scent of unwashed bush.

  6. First time sex.

    I think for the most part we’ve all had pretty bad experiences the first time around. Guy jackrabbits it and is done before you even begging to feel anything, or both people are nervous so there’s awkward silences…definitely underwhelming.

  7. Like many things sexual depends on the partner

    I have had great blowjobs and horrible wtf are you doing blowjobs

    But overrated

    Hot tub sex is god awful oh and when your done your brewing in a foul water of cum vaginal fluids warm water sweat and lube that your gonna need cuz she dries out every five minutes

    Yea honey let’s just sit this pool of filth after having a horrible time cuz you thought it be romantic

    Did it once never ever again

  8. All of them! Lol. 69 is more a working vacation. Same with 3 ways. The kinky stuff usually ends up feeling sad. Like, it seems fun on paper but the whole time you know you’re just trying to spice things up.

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