What should be taught in school and is not even being proposed?

What should be taught in school and is not even being proposed?

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  1. Basic courtship. You look at the messages girls recieve in online dating, these guys are fucking hopeless. Clearly not everybody is getting a rundown on how to make yourself attractive, talk to people, behave on a date, etc.

  2. More computer and programming skills. The former being an absolute requirement to fully function in the real world. Programming should take the place of higher math class, like trigonometry.

  3. Sign language

    Life skills (cooking, sewing, cleaning, finances)

    Mental illnesses

    Social skills ( how to work in a group, how to talk/behave in different places, how to be a likeable person)

    Programming or basic computer skills

    Basic first aid (CPR comes to mind)

  4. Black history month should be all year round and should be part of the normal curriculum instead of shoved into one month,honestly we should do this with all cultures

  5. I’m not sure if it is or isn’t being considered, but when I was in school we had a class called “Death and Dying”. We learned what hospice was, what a death rattle was, what’s the best way to show your sympathy, how life insurance works….it may have been more interesting because the “cool” teacher taught it. But it was helpful to bring more light to this topic, as no one really wants to talk about it.

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