What should have a different required age?

What should have a different required age?

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  1. Drinking and smoking (in the US)

    18-year-olds are old enough to vote, go to war, get a credit card, sign an apartment lease, and get married; I think they can decide for themselves whether or not to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes

  2. A 16 yo kid should not be driving (said a 16 yo kid). Vote should be at 17. Weed should be at 18. Not because it’s good to take weed before 21, but like I saw my friend taking a used joint on the ground and smoke it. I think it’s worst that my friend smoke a used joint that they smoke at 18, and like my place is the only place in the country where 18 yo can’t get high legally

  3. I had a conversation with an American friend and a German friend where German friend and me were joking around how the legal age of drinking in America was 21 where here in Canada it was 18 and in Germany it was 16 and making fun at how they can’t drink until a long time later than us. Then my American friend snapped back by saying “Well our makes sense and it’s safe since people shouldn’t be drinking until they’re 25 anyways.” Which made German friend and me agreed. Since we were only joking and that’s honestly reasonable.

    Looking at back at that conversation now it makes me really concerned how America would agree that having a legal age of drinking at 21 is better than having a legal age of 14 (this doesnt apply to every state and honestly I think it’s an exaggeration) when selling rifles, without parental consent.

    Like I said before I don’t know much about American laws, and that statement about a 14 year old could buy a gun at that age could be false, but my point is that it’s very concerning how you could literally get a gun before you could drink.

  4. Religion should definitely be 18+ at the very least.

    Anything else I can think of probably would be ignored anyway. I mean, people already smoke, drink, do drugs and fornicate while underage, so trying to change the required age on those just wouldn’t be worthwhile.

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