What should no one experience during their lifetime?

What should no one experience during their lifetime?

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  1. No one should ever have to experience this, but I think most people will. Having to put down your pet. One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do

  2. Umm as a nurse if you ever see a 500 pound persons abdomen dehiscence and get infected and get all green and infected as you slowly die from sepsis while your abdomen is split open that sucks. Or watch a dude who ruptured an esophageal varice literally vomited blood to death until he died while his wife was standing their watching. Idk list could go on

  3. There’s no one answer to this question since everyone’s experiences are unique. However, some things that may not be desirable for some people include pain, fear, sadness, or loneliness. Whatever it is that someone doesn’t want to experience, they should do their best to avoid it.

  4. That really bad rash you get when you get sand in your buttcheeks and can’t quite get it out but really it’s fine, you’re going back to the hotel now except you totally underestimated how far you had to walk with those tiny damn pieces of glass creating surrealist art on the most sensitive parts of your freaking poop shoot while the summer heat presses the sweat down your back and right over the edge of that… that… 🤯

  5. Loosing both parents at the same time parent
    Loosing your mind
    Becoming someone entirely different you hate
    Gaining serious mental health issues
    Bruh this is not a list or personal but I realized mid typing it looks like one,
    Stuck in a wheel chair
    Completely paralyzed
    Long term coma
    And getting launched by a trebuchet

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