What should people be more accepting about?

What should people be more accepting about?

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  1. Difference. To say one specific thing like race or sexuality is good, but the larger problem is difference. The human race has a history of not liking differences.

  2. Mental health is just as important as physical health. We’re not supposed to drink until we’re not sad anymore. Going for a walk in the woods isn’t going to help everyone equally.

  3. You can only spend what you earn. If you don’t earn enough then don’t buy the car, the fashion labels etc. You can’t afford it. Live within your means.

  4. Gender expression.

    It doesn’t affect my life in the least if a trans woman wants to be known as a woman. Literally nothing about that person’s identity affects me or anyone other than her.

  5. Men can cry too, and that some people may not have the thing you want or the appearance you desire, but it’s what’s inside that counts, give people a chance

  6. Pedophiles. They are not necessarily child abusers, yet people conflate the two out of misguided contempt for a minority group of people.

    We are more accepting of mental illness in people who mutilate their genitals demanding to be called the opposite sex than we are of people who merely have involuntary thoughts about sexualizing children.

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