What should people try at least once?

What should people try at least once?

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  1. Psychedelics.

    Terence McKenna used to say that they’re one of the worlds great mysteries and to go to the grave without ever having a psychedelic experience is akin to dying without ever having had sex.

  2. The serenity of contemplation and being comfortable (blankets or sleeping bags in the back of a beatup truck w/hot-chocolate and a .357 for coyotes) 20-50 miles away from light pollution while watching a meteor shower.

  3. Everyone Should Try at Least Once in Their Lifetime:
    1.Get (far) out of Dodge.
    2.See a Broadway show—on or off.
    3.Hit the road.
    4.Master an instrument.
    5.Grow or catch your own meal.
    6.Put on a show.
    7.Catch a game.
    8.Do a ride-along.

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