What shouldn’t people “just put up with”?

What shouldn’t people “just put up with”?

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  1. People driving all the way down the empty left turn only lane to cut in front of everyone in the straight ahead lane. Close ranks you spineless doormats! Don’t let him in

  2. In the UK, quality of new build houses. Its a known and somehow allowed fact now that new builds are of shocking quality, and most people’s response is “your own fault for buying a new build “

  3. Catcalling or harrassment, especially in a bar. Someone close to me almost always has someone offer a drink, which she politely declines, and they either insist over and over that she take it, hover around her for the rest of the night, or try to walk with her or invite her home despite making it clear she isn’t interested.

    If you ever find yourself in a situation like this, don’t be afraid to tell the bartender! They almost certainly don’t want a pushy creep at their bar, and if they don’t want to help or say anything, you probably shouldn’t give them your business.

  4. I totally read the title wrong 😅 I thought the question was what people SHOULD ‘just put up with’.

    My answer is: emotionaly abusive parents. They have NO right to treat you like s***t just because they are your parents

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