What simple fact do you wish more people understood?

What simple fact do you wish more people understood?

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  1. There’s no such thing as a friend zone. No ones putting you in a zone you can level up from. They just don’t share your romantic feelings and that’s okay.

  2. Not everyone likes you. Not everyone dislikes you. Not everyone so much as thinks about you at all, and that’s okay. Spending your time worrying about what everyone else thinks will make absolutely no difference in your life, except that you’ll spend your time worrying instead of enjoying yourself.

  3. The US tax code is progressive. You are not penalized for making more money. The first $x you make are tax-free. The next $y you make are taxed at z% up to $a, etc, etc, etc, There is no point where you make less and the money you made up to $x or $y or $a are taxed at a higher rate because your highest earnings are in a higher tax bracket.

  4. – Rainbows are a result of a unicorn with a hangover.

    – Life is all about perspective.

    – It’s pointless to have marijuana illegal.

    – Sarcasm is a bitch to understand when read.

  5. The US, UK or Australian (or any other country with FIAT currency) federal budgets are very different to your household budget. Please don’t demand, or even respect, politicians who treat it as such.

  6. Trent Reznor of NIN never said that Jonny Cash’s cover of the Song Hurt was better. All of Reddit seems to believe this. He said “it” was “his”, as in his cover was its own song. Cash made it his own, with a different meaning. It was a compliment in reference to cash not doing a simple cover song. Everyone agrees that it’s practically two different songs with the same lyrics. Trent recognized that.

    Somehow Reddit got it in their heads that “EvEN tReNt SaYS iTs BeTter!!” This is one of the most annoyingly common Reddit myths that everyone just believes because it’s been repeated so often. He complimented its. He said it was its own thing. He did not say it was better.

  7. The only truly good diet is the balanced one, coupled with not overeating and being physically active. All other diets are unsustainable and useless at best or dangerous at worst. Some diets like keto are also designed for people with specific medical conditions (diabetes in this case) and if you don’t have those, do not try those diets. You can actually mess up your health by fixing what ain’t broken.

    Also, just because a certain diet works for you does not mean it’s suitable for everyone else.

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