What singular incident or comment in a relationship made you think “Hmm, this isn’t working” ?

What singular incident or comment in a relationship made you think “Hmm, this isn’t working” ?

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  1. “You have too much eye for detail.” My boss. WTF? Companies pay big bucks for people with “an eye for detail”. I quit and found a company that appreciates my skill set and pays me accordingly. Fuck you, Angela.

  2. girl from a very wealthy background replying to my concerns over her father furnishing the house that he just bought for her

    me: i want to earn our own things. a big part of the adventure is the struggle and satisfaction that comes when we finally are able to pay something off.

    her: BigDeuces. I have never struggled. I’m never *going* to struggle.

  3. My ex girlfriend got drunk at my grandmother’s funeral then got in a screaming match with my brother and then my dad (who had just buried his mother) in the front yard.

    Like Yeah, there were signs before that, but she was abusing me mentally and emotionally and that’s the one that broke me.

  4. Her mother criticised me for something I’d already apologised for, I said I’d already apologised for it, she said ‘And that should be enough? That’s arrogant.’

  5. Found out he was failing all the classes he was taking. I knew he was dealing with depression and alcoholism and I was worried so I approached him about it. He screamed “my life is none of your business” so yeah….it wasn’t working.

  6. “Well that’s dark” followed by laughter after I told them about an attempt to off myself just a week prior.

    Thankfully now in a much better place with a partner I love very much

  7. “If we have a kid and you still have all these negative thoughts then you’ll have to go to an institution and I’ll go for full custody”

    While he actively insisted therapy is a joke.

  8. We were having a deep, heart-felt conversation about “us” and I asked her what she hoped to see in me and my life as a result of her being a part of it… (Which is a very nice relationship-centered way of asking them what’s most important on a personal, heart-based level…) And she just said: uh.. I dunno.. Get a good job?

  9. Very early into one particular relationship an ex of mine once turned to me and literally said, “I’m not racist, but I hate Mexicans.” She then went on to casually list some of her prejudices against them that I think any reasonable person could only consider to be racially motivated.

    So I quickly determined it wasn’t meant to be. I had actually been planning on introducing her to my family and it’s a good thing I didn’t since my sister’s husband is of Mexican ancestry. She seemed like such a nice person, too. It’s sad how a person’s mind can become polluted with vile nonsense like that.

  10. There isn’t one specific incident that comes to mind, but rather a feeling that developed over time in my relationship that led me to believe it wasn’t working. I think anytime you feel like you can’t be yourself or like you’re constantly walking on eggshells, that’s a sign that the relationship may not be healthy. Additionally, if you find yourself constantly arguing or having disagreements, that can also be a sign that things aren’t working.

  11. My “friend” kept saying I could have a miscarriage any moment, that my baby couldn’t possibly be healthy because my belly was too small etc.
    Through the whole pregnancy.

    Told her my checkups had been fine and I didn’t worry.
    She said they, the professionals, were wrong.

    I never started a conversation with her once I realized she never had something positive to say. But since I knew I had to face her a lot I did reply short when she started a conversation (Which she did often, she would also ask about when I have the next checkup and be annoyed if I didn’t tell her straight away how it went, lol.)

    After my baby was born, she deleted me from facebook and we ignore each other ever since.

    * She was pregnant herself too, and already had an older child.

  12. Joke answer, but last night while cleaning out our hall closet I kept putting every pair of glasses I found on my head, and when I walked out of the room my fiance sighed loudly and asked, “are you trying to make me break up with you?” We both laughed. I looked ridiculous. He bought me ice cream later. 10/10 would put six random pairs of glasses on my head again.

  13. “I hate that I have to work twice as hard as you to only make half as much”. This began her resentment towards me for making more by working less. Pretty big red flag.

  14. In high school, we had a gunman sighting lockdown (thankfully no shooting) at the school. I was emotionally distraught as my friend was in that classroom. Once the situation settled down, I went home and called my boyfriend at the time to tell him what happened – still very distraught and crying. He yelled at me as soon as he picked up his phone. Apparently, he was gambling with his buddies and my call made him lose money. Yeah, I called it quits after that.

  15. any time we watched TV, he would harass me about my *breathing.* apparently, i was “sighing.” which drove him nuts… just like the “wRoNg” way i opened a card on my birthday, by ripping the edge of the envelope instead of peeling off the top.

    in reality, being with someone who routinely gives unsolicited critique on the way you do literally anything (up to and including breathing) is a little anxiety-inducing, not to mention fucking exhausting. he was so surprised when i ended it.

    there was nobody else, John, you just suck.

  16. “Whatever” after asking (yes asking not demanding) her to not wear skin tight crop tops with no bra just to show off her new nipple piercings to everybody.

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