What small changes are you noticing about yourself as you get older?

What small changes are you noticing about yourself as you get older?

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  1. I used to play 20+ hours a week of sports, plus do a lot of physical labor. I was rarely injured. Nowadays I find myself suffering from different muscle injuries when I try to do things I normally did ten years ago. Slowly my body is unable to recover like it used to. I’ve also lost flexibility.

  2. I’m more jumpy. When I was a kid, and people tried to scared me , jump scare me, I wasn’t really phased, but now… it’s like you could be on the other side of the door as I open it and I jump or get scared of the sudden sight of a person.

  3. Getting more used to just yoloing stuff. I was always a perfectionist, I’d either do it 150% or not do it.

    Now i do stuff on a way where i do just enough so nobody says Anything. I get it all done fine, but I’m not putting energy in stuff i don’t care about/stuff that doesn’t matter.

    Life is so much more chill now.

    I also noticed how much I am becoming like my parents in some ways. Nothing bad, just certain phrases or reactions i copy nearly 1:1. It’s really weird because this started about 3 months AFTER i moved out. I still hate it because I seem to copy all the stuff i find annoying.

  4. Not a small change for me… But I pay way more attention to color.

    One time I was watching a tiktok, a filter used to enhance color and it was about eyes and their color… For some reason, from that moment on, I have been paying way more attention to any color I see, especially when it comes to eyes. Where I normally saw a boring brown eye, I now see the little differences in shading, the yellow parts and how everything plays together so nicely to make what once was boring actually beautiful.

    This also applies to things like nature. Since two years there are moments when I just pause and stare at a plant or landscape and don’t want to leave because it’s so beautiful.

  5. If I don’t do movement training regular,I feel stiff and useless when I have to be aktive.
    Also if I put on too much weight and do lifting,I feel soar and a light pain the other day.
    Same with heavy bag training ,with impropper technique.

    Also I forget stuff and worry more about long term goals.

  6. The lack of energy; the ability not to sweat the small stuff (because you’ve sweated through the big stuff); caring way less about what anybody (other than those you love dearly) think about you; being able to see the bigger picture; choosing shoes for comfort over style; thinking before you speak; worrying about your health…

  7. It takes a longer time to recover. I was a college athlete and grew up playing sports all my life. Even after college I trained heavily in crossfit and olympic weightlifting. Even at my age I’m above average in my weight class. Lately, I just don’t have the same energy levels I used to have. Even with adequate sleep, hydration, and rest I still feel lethargic throughout the day. I still continue pushing myself. However, sometimes I question myself if pushing myself this hard at this point is even worth it.

  8. My Beard is coming in good, used to always have a longer goatee and finally let it all go to see what happens… turns out it filled in half way decent. Also…. the back hair

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