What song never fails to make you cry?

What song never fails to make you cry?

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  1. I Hope You Dance: my dad played it for me driving me home from a middle school dance and told me he hopes I always will go out and do things that make me happy, take risks and go for whatever it is I want in life. It made me cry just remembering this.

  2. Somewhere over the rainbow from Israel Kamakawiwoʻole – reminds me every time of my great grandmother who passed away in 2014. Such a good soul. Ich liebe dich Omi ❤️

  3. Gigi l’amoroso, by Dalida.

    It’s a French song about an Italian singer that leaves his home village near Naples, when promised richness and fame in America.
    The entire village mourns his departure, after having feasted him for achieving his success.
    Years later he returns home, in shame, since his American adventure did not bring the promised outcome. He hides from his old friends, but one recognised him at the station.
    The entire village welcomes him back, once his return becomes known.

    So, it’s a bit like “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree”, but the story and the music are much more developed.

  4. Paw Patrol theme.

    Hear me out. There’s an acoustic version on YouTube that I found before my son had life altering surgery and every time I hear it, I get so happy that he’s safe and will live a healthy life.

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