What sounds gives you anxiety?

What sounds gives you anxiety?

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  1. clocks ticking

    i don’t remember much of anything from my childhood and i don’t want to, but hearing clocks tick just brings back how bad we had it, where you’d hear nothing but a clock ticking

  2. This is an odd one, but playing a lot of the old video games I loved as a kid and hearing their music. I live in a pal territory, so a lot of the games back when played slightly slower. When revisiting them in bundle collections and re-releases the music is faster than I’m used to, and it really messes with me.

  3. The Microsoft Teams ringtone, sometimes a commercial comes on with it and for a few seconds I feel as though I screwed something up and someone is calling to tell me

  4. The cry of a baby that’s less than a month or two old.

    My son was an inconsolable baby and hearing a young baby cry, especially if it goes on for a bit, takes me right back to that sleep deprived, endless nightmare of new parenthood.

  5. Smoke detector beeps. I have a cousin that was living with my family and he tried to burn down our house when we were asleep. However, he chickened put after lighting the fire and decided to wake everyone up. That happened years ago and I still have issues with sleeping at night as a result. Those beeps through ne into a panic.

  6. The “ding” of the ordering system for Toast. I’ll start getting anxious at random restaurants if we sit too close to the kitchen within earshot of it.

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