What soup would you like to eat right now?

What soup would you like to eat right now?

What do you think?


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  1. Green pea. Which is weird because I haven’t had it in probably 10 years or more. It just flashed into my brain and activated the saliva glands as soon as I read the question.

  2. Either a good homemade new England clam chowder on the docks in Burlington VT, or a nice Italian wedding soup. They’re both good in their own ways.

    Or maybe a cheesy crusted French onion, that sounds good too!

  3. I don’t have a name for it. I do this:

    – Fry some diced cabbage and onions until soft, towards the end, add some maple syrup or honey.

    – Fry and season ground beef (salt, pepper, cumin, italian seasoning, whatever you want), add tomato puree, a little vinegar, a little bbq sauce, simmer for a bit. Making this bit as tasty as possible is the most important.

    – Throw everything together, add water and boil it with noodles. Maybe add some thin slices of carrot.

    – Season to taste, maybe some chicken bullion, more salt, etc.

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