What space fact you know really amaze you?

What space fact you know really amaze you?

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  1. That in roughly 500 million years The Moon will no longer fully eclipse the sun, due to The Moon moving away from earth about an inch and a half per year.

  2. Mercury isn’t the hottest planet despite being closest to the sun.

    Venus is, on a count of it’s natural gasses absorbing and retaining heat.

  3. If you held 2 surgically clean pieces of magnesium together in the vaccum of space, they would weld together and become inseparable, like the floor on your car.

  4. That it’s expanding, or rather the space between things is expanding. There could be much more to the universe than we can ever fully comprehend because of this.

    The fact that black holes exist as well. Seriously. The fact utlradense gravity wells with gravity strong enough to absorb light exists is disturbing. And this is a natural phenomenon.

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