What sport do you hate the most and why?

What sport do you hate the most and why?

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  1. Football. Not because I hate the sport itself, but the level of importance everyone gives it. It drains public school budgets, draws more interest than community investment, and people take the advice of famous players as gospel in fields they have no experience in. I’m all for having a hobby but this one is out of control.

  2. I know this may be unpopular, but I can’t stand baseball. I just find it so boring to watch compared to other sports like hockey, football, soccer, etc.

  3. Football, because I’m forced to pay for their bullshit stadiums with tax money while some billionaire asshole keeps the money from “our team”

  4. Basketball is absolutely awful. The game itself is pretty fun. The people who like it are usually so insufferable that it ends up ruining the game as a whole. Pretty sad.

  5. Baseball. The idea of it is just mindblowingly convoluted and terrible. By comparison to other sports it is simply absurd.

    **Soccer/Football**: OK, the goal is to get the ball in their net without the ball going in your net. The catch? Feet only! You’ve got 90 minutes, go.

    Like, cool.

    **Basketball**: Alright, same idea except that the net is way up high and you have to bounce or pass the ball to move! No feet touching the ball at all this time!

    Well that’s creative and neat, right?

    **Hockey**: Alright now let’s take that and put it on ice. Everyone is always moving on skates and what’s more? You get to Friggin HIT EACH OTHER. You can use a stick so that you can hit the puck with a lot of velocity.

    A bit complex for my liking now but high energy and fun! What a neat twist on environmental fac—

    **Gridiron Football**: Let’s take that intensity up a notch! You’re still trying to get into their end zone while protecting your end zone, but this time you get to put together an offensive and defensive force to try to fight over ground. You have a limited time to take more ground on offense while refusing to cede any on defense. You can also try to fire from afar for an easier but less effective hit. It’s a lot like war in that way.

    Oh man, we’re getting into it now aha I like the strategic, uh, nature

    **Baseball**: alright here’s the thing, everyone gathers around this big diamond and then a particular guy stands in the middle and throws a ball and you have to try to hit the ball with a stick really far or in an odd direction where the other people can’t catch it too quickly because if they dont immediately catch it then you run to the next spot on the diamond where if you touch the spot then you’re safe but if someone who is touching the spot catches the ball then you’re out but also other people can catch the ball and try to run and touch you while you’re running to that spot instead. BUT if you don’t hit the ball then you get to try again except you can only try again two more times so if you keep missing the ball then your team gets an out and if that happens and your team gets another two outs then the game will switch the offense and defense so that the other team gets to swing the stick HOWEVER if the guy throwing the ball doesn’t throw the ball good enough you can not swing the stick and if you do that two times then you get to go to the first spot on the diamond for free and FURTHERMORE if you hit the ball with the stick and you do a bad job and it doesn’t go into the play area then you still get a strike unless it’s your last strike in which case you don’t get a strike and also you usually can’t run unless the ball is in play but if you run before the ball is in play from any of the other 3 spots then it still counts except if the guy at the place where you were trying to run catches the ball, in which case you’re out. You do this over again an odd number of times for what is still an even number of rounds.

  6. Soccer. It’s just running back and forth. I’m not a sports guy to begin with, but at least I get why people enjoy football. It’s giant dudes trying to kill each other. And basketball is litteral giants preforming areal acrobatics. Even baseball has a lot going on despite taking 4 damn days. But soccer? I have no idea why people are interested.

  7. Fencing. I enjoy Olympic-type sports so I thought it would be cool to check out, but it’s nothing like what you see in movies. Half the time their swords don’t even clash, they just kind of hop around until one of them sees an opening and lunges. It’s so quick I usually can’t even tell what happened. Plus there are weird rules that the announcers never really explain. I just can’t get into it.

  8. Soccer

    There’s a superiority complex within the sport and its fans that honestly dwarfs that in other sports. If you suck there, you are irrelevant, treated as if you don’t exist. Not to mention how even the most minute action can be overblown, made to be a spectacular play.

  9. Football. I don’t even hate it. I just have an issue with how often play stops. Nothing else against it. I’m a hockey fan and play stops somewhat frequently, but they get back into it relatively fast.

  10. Baseball. Love going to the games (probably the beer, food, and atmosphere) and it’s ok to play, but man I don’t know how people follow a season. There’s too many games and the speed of the game itself it just slow. I once saw a pitcher throw it to first four times in a row between pitches.

  11. Running, tried it so many times. It always sucks, I never got the flow feeling, its just miserable all the time.
    Would love to do it regularily, if you have any tips please share

  12. Cycling, amateur and hobbyists riding in groups everywhere blocking the street. Get mad at you when you have to get through.. They have free time to enjoy cycling but I have work places to be in time. Cycling races are all over the place here, massive detours and slow traffic because of it. Everytime there is a big event going on like Tour de france or whatever, people get even more inspired and it just becomes worse.

  13. Hockey because I busted my lip open learning how to ice skate as a kid. Also the game is boring to me. Fell asleep at a Flyers game one time be to be fair, it was the Flyers

  14. Soccer. The sport itself is fun but the social-economic part is out of control. The World Cup is given to questionable hosts and tax money is used constantly to build even bigger stadiums, protect the hooligans from each other and clean up after them.

    No shade towards the players, they do work hard and sacrifice their health and time. But it does not seem to connect people any more. In the last years people got more and more aggressive towards fans of other teams, even racist. Not cool.

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