What sport has the most athletic athletes?

What sport has the most athletic athletes?

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  1. I am convinced that it’s hockey players. They have to endure physical contact, have to carry all that gear all while on blades. Have to be boxers at times.

  2. Ice Hockey. Incredible hand-eye coordination and skill (like baseball) while ice skating (self explanatory) and all while being tough enough to box it out once in a while (self explanatory). They basically play 3 sports simultaneously.

  3. Because the word “athleticism” incorporates more than one physical trait, it would have to be the sport with the most well rounded abilities to perform well in(strength, speed, conditioning, etc). So that would have to be either MMA, wrestling, basketball, or football IMO.

    I wonder what people would say the least athletic sport is…

  4. Boxers or kick-boxers.

    Lots of exertion.

    And getting hit can really hurt, wind you and sap energy immensely.

    Source: I’m a former semi pro kickboxer

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